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A collection of records, soundtracks and singles throughout JDK's Atlantic Records career.
artist album / track date
Steven Stills Best Of 1976
Abba 'Dancing Queen' 1976
Foreigner Foreigner 1977
Leif Garrett Leif Garrett 1977
Foreigner Double Vision 1978
Genesis And Then There Were Three 1978
Leif Garrett Feel The Need 1978
AC/DC Highway To Hell 1979
Sniff N' The Tears Fickle Heart August 1979
Gary Numan Pleasure Principle September 1979
Survivor Survivor 1979
Foreigner Head Games 1979
Ian Lloyd Goosebumps 1979
City Boy The Day The Earth Caught Fire 1979
Genesis Duke 1980
Phil Collins Face Value 1980
Shooting Star Shooting Star 1980